Mario Bros. Museum of Plumbing

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The Mario Bros. Museum of Plumbing is a single-page comic in the Nintendo Comics System, first appearing in Super Mario Bros. #2, and then reappearing in Super Mario Bros. #3. As its name implies, it's a museum presented by Luigi, exhibiting some of the greatest innovations and artifacts in the history of plumbing.


Exhibits in the Mario Bros. Museum of Plumbing include:

  • The world's first shower. (Too bad they didn't have the first bar of soap yet.)
  • A replica of the world's first drinking fountain.
  • The world's very first leak. (The rarest exhibit in the museum.)
  • The world's first sink. (Was very unpopular until someone invented the first drain.)
  • The world's first shower head with massage attachment.
  • A shower curtain type that never quite caught on -- the Shower Venetian Blind.