Prince Pompadour

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Prince Pompadour

Prince Pompadour is the prince of an unconfirmed kingdom, who sports a stereotypical Southern American English accent.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em", Queen Rotunda, a long-time admirer of Prince Pompadour, has her servant Hildy create the Passion Potion to make Prince Pompadour fall in love with her. However, due to an accident, Queen Rotunda ingests the Passion Potion instead of the prince and falls in love with the first person she sees, Mario.

Later in the episode, Prince Pompadour appears as an attendant of Queen Rotunda's forced wedding to Mario. Before he can marry her though, Mario loudly decides to tie his shoe, distracting everyone present and allowing Luigi to pour some Passion Potion into two nearby glasses. Mario then hastily grabs them and proposes a toast to Queen Rotunda and Prince Pompadour and gives the two the glasses. Drinking the Passion Potion, they instantly fall in love with one another.

Completely love-struck, Prince Pompadour asks Queen Rotunda to marry him, which Queen Rotunda agrees to. Hearing this, Prince Pompadour instantly embraces Queen Rotunda.