Jim Lange

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Jim Lange
Jim Lange.png
Full name James John Lange
Species Human
First appearance "Game Show Host"
Portrayed by Himself

James John Lange (August 15, 1932 - February 25, 2014), more commonly referred to as Jim Lange, was a famous game show host who appeared in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment "Game Show Host".


After Luigi was knocked out and started to believe that he's a game show host, Jim was called by Mario to see if he could snap Luigi out of it. Jim reminisced about a contestant of his once he saw Luigi before being reminded by Mario to try and help him. He tried to get Luigi's attention, but everything he said was recognized by Luigi as "answers", frequently wrong ones. Mario started to panic about Luigi's state, which led to Jim trying to calm him down and reflecting on another contestant. Jim then got an idea once Mario mentioned the furnace; he presented the fact that the furnace had burned out in the form of an answer. Luigi agreed and lit the furnace, causing him to be knocked out again. He woke up, perfectly normal, after being slapped by Jim and Mario. Jim was overjoyed and asked Mario and Luigi to perform a special way of saying goodbye he had done on one of his shows. However, while performing his goodbye, Jim accidentally knocked Luigi out, making him believe he was a game show host once again, to the frustration of both Jim and Mario.