Hiroyuki Kimura

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Hiroyuki Kimura

Hiroyuki Kimura (木村 浩之 Kimura Hiroyuki, born in 1965) is a video game designer and producer works for Nintendo. Kimura acted as the Manager and Producer of Software Development Group No. 4 of Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development Division since 2003. Upon consolidation of Nintendo EAD and Nintendo SPD in 2015, his current position at Nintendo EPD is unknown. He often assists Takashi Tezuka with his development duties.


He entered Nintendo in 1988 and joined Nintendo EAD as a member of training. In his first work, Super Mario Bros. 3, he designed two characters, Lava Lotus and Spike. Afterward, he was assigned to Nintendo Research & Development 1, where he worked on the graphic design of a few Metroid series. After a while, he was assigned to EAD again, and directed most of the Super Mario Advance series. Since he has been appointed manager of Software Development Group No. 4 of EAD in the mid 2000s, he has produced all of the New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Maker, and Pikmin series.