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Super Mario Maker 2
SM 2 Box Art.png
Developer(s) TBD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release date Japan June 2019[1]
USA June 2019[2]
Europe June 2019[3]
Australia June 2019[4]
Genre Level editor, 2D platformer
Rating(s) TBD
Mode(s) TBD[5]
Nintendo Switch:
Media NS icon.png Cartridge
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Nintendo Switch:

Super Mario Maker 2 is an upcoming 2D platforming and level-editing game for the Nintendo Switch and the sequel to the 2015 Wii U title Super Mario Maker. The game expands on its predecessor with new features such as a level style based on Super Mario 3D World, which incorporates some gameplay aspects from the 3D platformer, including the Super Bell power-up; new level themes, such as desert, snow, and nighttime; and further terrain options, such as slopes, and water in non-underwater levels. Along with Mario as the main character, Luigi appears in the game's artwork alongside him wearing a builder outfit, and Luigi and Toadette can also be seen wearing Cat Suits, though their exact implementation in the game has yet to be shown.[6] Super Mario Maker 2 is set to be released in June 2019.[2]


As in Super Mario Maker, along with the main contents of the level, each level is set with a style, theme, and time limit. The starting platform is no longer visibly separated from any ground tiles place beside it, which are instead merged into the platform. A new mechanic known as Custom Scroll is introduced, which allows the player to set a level to auto-scroll, as well as the directions at which to scroll. The player also has the option to add a coin total showing the number of coins out of a specific number they have collected, though the result for collecting them all is unknown. Vertically scrolling levels can also be created.[2]

In editing mode, the basic functions from Super Mario Maker return, including Mr. Eraser and Undodog, and the player can quickly switch between playing and editing by pressing Minus Button. As a new feature, the player can zoom in or out during editing mode to gain a different view of the level, the latter performed by clicking one of the analog sticks.[2]

Course elements

The interface for the element search function

Instead of displaying every element on a single screen as in Super Mario Maker, at the top-right corner of the screen in editing mode, there is a magnifying glass which, when selected, allows the player to search for course elements by category. Each category's elements are organized into one or more wheels, with the elements as the sectors.

Elements formatted in bold are new to Super Mario Maker 2.




The terrain category is represented by a Brick Block icon and colored blue.


The item category is represented by a coin icon and colored pink.


The enemy category is represented by a Goomba icon and colored green.


An unnamed, fourth category containing objects is represented by a key and colored yellow.

Currently uncategorized

Differences from original games

The following is a list of differences from the level styles' original games not present in the first Super Mario Maker.

Super Mario World

  • Snake Blocks are colored green.
  • The texture for the water in non-underwater levels is missing; the water now simply has a clearer, translucent blue color.
  • ON/OFF Switches now have a more saturated color.

New Super Mario Bros. U

  • The snow theme has a blue/white backdrop like in New Super Mario Bros. Wii instead of taking place during the night like the levels in Frosted Glacier. This is due to night being a stand-alone course theme.
  • The HUD was given a small update: the coin counter now has a white/yellow gradient and the score counter is white as opposed to black.

Super Mario 3D World

  • The entire level style is in a 2D plane like the other styles similar to how Super Mario 3D World has 2D sections, but some courses from the original game can be seen in the background.
  • Banzai Bills now have a yellow exhaust as opposed to a purple exhaust, and they also spin when they come from the background.





Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーマリオメーカー2
Sūpā Mario Mēkā 2
Super Mario Maker 2
Korean 슈퍼 마리오 메이커 2
Syupeo Mario Meikeo 2
Super Mario Maker 2
Chinese 超級瑪利歐創作家 2 (Traditional)[8]
超级马力欧创作家 2 (Simplified)[9]
Chāojí Mǎlìōu Chuàngzuòjiā 2
Super Mario Creator 2


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