Vanilla Fortress

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Vanilla Fortress
World-Level 3-Fort
Game Super Mario World
Boss 4 Reznor
Notes First fortress to play in the game, also the first one to include Fish Bone, Falling Spikes and Bony Beetle.
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The Vanilla Fortress is a fortress, located on top of the Vanilla Dome in Super Mario World. It can be accessed through completing the level Vanilla Secret 3. This is the only underwater fortress in the game. Like the other fortresses, Reznor is the boss of this fortress.


The level starts off with Mario entering a pipe to an underwater fortress. He must swim, avoiding Fish Bones and Ball 'n' Chains. If Mario is in his normal form, he can go under the gap to a pipe that is a shortcut which leads to the next part of the fortress. However, if he isn't, he must either continue swimming to the right, or to become his regular size so that he can fit through the section. There will be a small section with Spikes with some Fish Bones as well. After, a ? Block with a power-up inside it can be found, and a bigger section with Spikes, Falling Spikes, Fish Bones, Bony Beetles, and Dry Bones. A purple pipe should be on the ground. The player must enter it. The player can go through two routes, the top route, which has coins and Ball 'n' Chains, or the bottom one, which have Fish Bones, Dry Bones, Bony Beetles, Ball 'n' Chains, and Thwomps. After, the player will come across two Ball 'n' Chains, and a lot of Fish Bones. Mario should now come across a Yellow ! Block, a Dry Bones, a Bony Beetle, and a door. The player should enter the door to fight the four Reznors. Once they've been defeated, the player can now go to Butter Bridge 1.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バニラだいちのとりで
Banira Daichi no Toride
Vanilla Tableland's Fort
Spanish Fuerte Vainilla Vanilla Fort
French Forteresse Vanille Vanilla Fortress
German Vanille-Festung Vanilla Fortress