Forest Ghost House

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Forest Ghost House
Forest Ghost House
Mario being pursued by a Big Boo
Level code 5-GH
World Forest of Illusion
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 400 seconds
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The Forest Ghost House is one of many Ghost Houses in Super Mario World, located in the Forest of Illusion. It can be accessed through the completion of Forest of Illusion 3, or the secret exit completion of Forest of Illusion 1. By completing this level through the regular door, the player gains access to Forest of Illusion 4. By exiting through the door on the very left, which the Big Boo hides, the player gains an alternative route to Forest of Illusion 1.


Forest Ghost House

At the beginning of the level, the player starts off in a long corridor, with a door at the end of it. The player takes this door and enters a simple room that is guarded with flying ghost enemies (Boos and Eeries). There are flying boxes here that often contain a Cape Feather or, if Mario or Luigi is in Small form, Super Mushroom, but they are risky to obtain as the ghosts usually swarm around the player too fast for him or her to avoid them. There is a Switch Block resting on an easy to reach ledge ahead of the player, but the player must keep going past the yellow door and into a small area with a line of coins above it. After the player collects at least one coin, the player must return to collect the Switch Block, turning all of the coins into blocks, and exit through the silver door.

Then the player simply runs along the corridor, and the player has the opportunity to either enter or skip over the first yellow door they come across. If the player enters this door, the level will be cleared, but if the player passes it and exits through the next yellow door, the player finds a 3-Up Moon resting on the floor. The level will be cleared.


Sprite Name Count
BigBoo SMW.png Big Boo 2
Boo Buddy from Super Mario World Boo 13
Eerie Eerie 13
Screenshot showing a Boo Crew from Super Mario World. Boo Crew 1

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese まよいのもりのオバケやしき
Mayoi no Mori no Obake Yashiki
Mazing Wood's Ghost House

French Manoir Forêt
Forest Manor
German Wald-Spukhaus
Forest Ghosthouse
Italian Casa Infestata della Foresta delle Illusioni
Forest of Illusion Ghost House
Spanish (NOE) 3ª Casa Encantada
3rd Haunted House