Vanilla Ghost House

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Vanilla Ghost House
Mario using his Spin Jump on a Big Bubble in the level Vanilla Ghost House.
Mario spinning on a Big Bubble
Level code 3-Ghost
World Vanilla Dome
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 400 seconds
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The Vanilla Ghost House is a Ghost House found in the Vanilla Dome in Super Mario World. It can be accessed by completing Vanilla Dome 2 through the Giant Gate. By completing this course, the player gains access to Vanilla Dome 3.

Unlike most Ghost Houses, the Vanilla Ghost House does not have a secret exit. It shares this trait with the Choco-Ghost House.


P Warp Door
A P Door in Vanilla Ghost House

At the start of the course, two Eeries will come after the player. A Dragon Coin near a ? Block with a power-up and Circling Boo Buddies can be seen. Mario or Luigi will have to jump from ledge to ledge while avoiding Boos. The player will then see a group of several Rotating Blocks, along with a Big Boo. One of the Turn Blocks contain a Beanstalk that reaches to an alternate route. Using the vine or a cape, they can collect a Dragon Coin and some regular coins, while avoiding a couple of Eeries. If the player chooses the main route, they will find a ? Block containing a power-up, along with a Big Boo. Further ahead is a single Boo and another pair of Circling Boo Buddies, with a Coin Block which will give the player 10 Coins, and a Dragon Coin above it. The player should then enter the door to the right of them.

Here, the player will find Big Bubbles floating around. Also, rows of three coins spread out the room can be found here. The player will soon see 3 Blocks. The middle one contains a Switch Block, while the other ones contain nothing at all. The player should keep moving and not press the Switch Block just yet, but should carry it with them. The player will find a regular door here, which will lead them to the platforms with Boos in the first room. However, there is an outline of coins that take the shape of a door. The player should collect them, then hit the Switch Block. The player should now be able enter the door. The Giant Gate can be seen here, and the player will now have access to Vanilla Dome 3.

There is a hidden 1-Up Mushroom in this course that was not covered in the official guide. In the area near the start with small platforms at various heights, touching the centers of the second, third, eighth, and seventh platforms in that order (other platforms can be used freely) causes a 1-Up Mushroom to pop out.


Sprite Name Count
Eerie Eerie 4
Screenshot showing Circling Boo Buddies, from Super Mario World. Circling Boo Buddies 2
Boo Buddy from Super Mario World Boo 9
BigBoo SMW.png Big Boo 2
Big Bubble from Super Mario World Big Bubble 6

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バニラドームのオバケやしき
Banira Dōmu no Obake Yashiki
Vanilla Dome's Ghost House
French Manoir Vanille Vanilla Manor
German Vanille-Spukhaus Vanilla Ghosthouse
Italian Casa Infestata di Cupola Vaniglia Vanilla Dome Ghost House
Spanish 2ª Casa Encantada 2nd Haunted House