Choco-Ghost House

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Choco-Ghost House
The Choco-Ghost House from Super Mario World.
Mario grabbing a Super Mushroom
Level code 6-GH
World Chocolate Island
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 300 seconds
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The Choco-Ghost House is a level of Chocolate Island in Super Mario World. It is the only level to have the Fishin' Boo, Boo Buddy Blocks, and cut-off pieces of moving platforms called Haunted Holes.[1]

The Choco-Ghost House is one of two Ghost Houses that do not have a secret exit, with the other being the Vanilla Ghost House. It is also one of two Ghost Houses in the original game not to feature Dragon Coins, with the other being the Donut Ghost House.


Map of the course

From the start, Haunted Holes are encountered. Here, the player finds Eeries near the bottom of the platform near the beginning. Later, the Fishin' Boo appears. The blue light of the Fishin' Boo can hit all the way down to the ground level. In the middle of the level, the player finds a Prize Block (two in the Game Boy Advance reissue) with power-ups, both of which give either a Super Mushroom or a Cape Feather, depending on Mario or Luigi's status. At the end of the first room, the player finds another Haunted Hole with a door nearby that takes the player to the next room. In the Game Boy Advance reissue, there is a Midway Gate nearby as well.

In the next room, there are Boo Buddy Blocks. On top of the Gray Blocks is a power-up, which gives a Super Mushroom or a Fire Flower. The player encounters a few Boo Buddy Snakes. To get to the exit, the player can perform Spin Jumps on the Boo Buddies or fly their way up with a cape to the door platform in the middle of the room. The Spin Jump is possible only on the first of every line of Boo Buddies. Alternatively, the player can lure the Boo Buddy Blocks towards the edge of the platform where the exit is and use them as platforms to jump up to the door platform. This door leads to the exit, and the player gains access to Chocolate Island 2. If the player continues to the end of the room, they will find a dead end and a Rotating Block with a 1-Up Mushroom.


Sprite Name Count
Eerie Eerie 24
Fishing Boo SMW sprite.png Fishin' Boo 1
A Boo Buddy Block Boo Buddy Block 6
BooBuddySnake.png Boo Buddy Snake 6

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チョコレーとうのオバケやしき
Chokorē-tō no Obake Yashiki
Chocolate Island's Ghost House

French Manoir Chocolat
Chocolate Manor
German Schoko-Spukhaus
Choco Ghosthouse
Italian Casa Infestata della Cioccoisola
Chocolate Island Ghost House
Spanish 4ª Casa Encantada
4th Haunted House
Haunted Hole
Language Name Meaning
Japanese オバケ穴[2]
Obake Ana
Ghost Hole


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