#1 Iggy's Castle

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#1 Iggy's Castle
Iggy's Castle Gate.png
Mario climbing a fence to progress through the level
World-Level 1-Castle
World Yoshi's Island
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 300 seconds
Boss Iggy Koopa
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#1 Iggy's Castle is the first castle in the game Super Mario World. It introduces fences that can be climbed as well as lava, which kills the player instantly upon being touched. As the name suggests, Iggy Koopa is fought here.


The castle consists of three rooms, one with climbable fences, one with a moving screen, and the boss room. The player has 300 seconds on the Timer to complete the level. This level contains no Dragon Coins in the original, but in the remake it has five.

The first room of the first castle is covered in fences, which can be climbed on with the D-Pad. The fence is teeming with Climbing Koopas that also climb on the fence. Climbing above and then onto these Koopas cause a chain in points, so defeating these Koopas can result in 1-Ups; however, if the player punches the Koopas off, the points do not chain. This gate spans above a lava-covered ground, where Lava Bubbles jump from. There are also places in the fence the player can hit to switch sides. There is a Message Block at the start that gives information on how to use the fences, a Switch Block in the middle that turns coins to Empty Blocks as well as a ? Block that contains a Fire Flower, and a Message Block at the end that tells the player one of Yoshi's friends is trapped in the castle.

The second room in the castle features a moving screen with a giant wooden Pillar smashing onto the ground. Being hit by one of the Pillars causes damage. Rotating Blocks help the player cross a gap near the end. Entering the red door at the end of the room leads to the first boss.

Boss Battle[edit]

Main article: Iggy Koopa

The first boss in Super Mario World is one of Bowser's sons, the demented Iggy Koopa.

As Mario or Luigi appear in the room, the giant Shell[1] Iggy is standing on starts to tilt from side to side. Iggy throws balls at the plumber, who must jump over them while hitting Iggy on the head with Jumps or Fireballs. Iggy will eventually fall into the lava and be defeated.

In the ending sequence, Mario blows the castle up. A bridge appears, allowing the player to continue their way to Donut Plains.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨースターとうのしろ
Yōsutā Tō no Shiro
Yo’ster Isle's Castle
Spanish Castillo 1º. Iggy 1st Castle. Iggy
French #1 Chateau d'Iggy #1 Iggy's Fortress
German 1. Iggys Festung 1. Iggy's Fortress


  • Besides Bowser's Castle, #1 Iggy's Castle is the only castle that needs to be completed in order to finish the game in the fastest possible way.
  • In the SNES version of Super Mario World, Iggy is referred to as "demented" in the end cutscene, while he is referred to as "crazed" in the GBA port.


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