Soda Lake

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Soda Lake
Soda Lake.png
World-Level 4-A
Game Super Mario World
Notes This level is the only level to feature Torpedo Teds.
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Soda Lake is an underwater secret area reached by entering the secret gate of Cheese Bridge Area in Super Mario World. This level is located in World 4, Twin Bridges. Torpedo Teds, underwater Bullet Bill relatives, are exclusive to this level, where they are dropped from Skull Boxes. They can travel through walls and are always deployed in Mario's direction. When Mario clears the area, he unlocks the third warp point to Star Road.


To access this level, players must enter Cheese Bridge Area and use a Cape Feather or Yoshi to make their way under the first Giant Gate to reach an alternate Giant Gate, making it possible to access Soda Lake.


At the start, players descend from a gray pipe. They first encounter a Blurp, and a Skull Box appears. Proceeding past the enemies, the player encounters another three Blurps near a ? Block, which contains either a Super Mushroom or Fire Flower. Past this ? Block are two Skull Boxes and a line of Blurps passing through the bottom of the screen. The first Dragon Coin is situated between two Skull Boxes.

Up ahead, four Blurps travel from a row of descending Skull Boxes. Along with many regular coins, the second Dragon Coin sits near the middle Skull Box. The next open area has a lone pillar and more pockets of Blurps, containing either five or six of them. A nearby chasm contains the third Dragon Coin, where four Skull Boxes are situated near it along with three more Blurps. The fourth Dragon Coin is in plain sight right in front of another Skull Box.

Beyond said Skull Box, there is another one higher up, with two Blurps coming towards the player. This second Skull Box becomes the first of three in a row, all surrounding the final Dragon Coin. A column of four Blurps block passageway until they pass by. Three more Blurps travel past as the player arrives at a passage where Torpedo Teds spawn above the player. The pipe at the end takes the player to the Giant Gate to complete the level.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ソーダの[1]
Sōda no Mizuumi
Soda Lake
Spanish Lago de Gaseosa Soda Lake
French Lac Soda Soda Lake
German Soda-See Soda Lake
Portuguese Lago da Soda Soda Lake


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