Twin Bridges

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Twin Bridges
Twin Bridges
Bird's-eye view of Twin Bridges
Game Super Mario World (1990)
Level(s) 6
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Mario and a Chainsaw
Mario running from a Chainsaw in Twin Bridges
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The Twin Bridges[1][2] area, also known as the Cookie Mountain[2] region, is the fourth world of Dinosaur Land in Super Mario World. It largely consists of a pair of parallel bridges found in the northern portion of Dinosaur Land. It comprises the Butter Bridge and the Cheese Bridge. The Twin Bridges, combined with Cookie Mountain (the latter of which is the northeastern portion of Dinosaur Land), make up this world, which is sky-based. The Cheese Bridge is the smaller bridge (it has only six logs on the world map) and has only one level between the mountainsides. The Butter Bridge is the larger bridge (it has twelve logs on the world map) and has two levels connecting each mountaintop, and is accessed by a secret path in the Vanilla Dome. Before the player reaches this area, only the Cheese Bridge stands to connect the Vanilla Dome with Cookie Mountain. Only by accessing the aforementioned secret exit, the Butter Bridge appears. By reaching the secret exit of the Cheese Bridge, Mario gains access to Soda Lake, which in turn leads to the third Star Road. Both bridges lead to #4 Ludwig's Castle.


Levels that are marked with an asterisk (*) feature another exit.


Butter Bridge 1
Butter Bridge 2
Cheese Bridge Area
Cookie Mountain
#4 Ludwig's Castle
Soda Lake

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 二本橋[3]
Ni Hon Hashi
Tsuin Burijji to Senbei Yama
Two Main Bridges (Shogakukan guide); written in English as "Twin Bridges"[3]. The Shogakukan guide further specifies Butter Bridge 1 and Butter Bridge 2 as part of "Butter Bridge"[5], Cheese Bridge Area and Soda Lake as part of "Cheese Bridge"[6], and Cookie Mountain and #4 Ludwig's Castle as part of "Senbei Mountain"[7]

Twin Bridges & Senbei Mountain (Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros.)
French Ponts Jumeaux
Montagne Secrète
Twin Bridges
Secret Mountain
German Zwillingsbrücken Twin Bridges
Italian Ponti Gemelli Twin Bridges
Portuguese Área das Pontes Gêmeas Twin Bridges Area
Spanish (NOE) Puentes Gemelos Twin Bridges


As the Twin Bridges do not have their own unique submap, they share a musical theme with Donut Plains and Chocolate Island.

Audio.svg Twin Bridges - BGM
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