Donut Plains 2

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This article is about the level in Super Mario World. For the race course introduced in Super Mario Kart, see SNES Donut Plains 2.
Donut Plains 2
Donut Plains 2.png
Caped Mario and Yoshi avoiding a sand tide
Level code 2-2
World Donut Plains
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 400 seconds
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Donut Plains 2 is an underground level of Donut Plains in Super Mario World. The level auto-scrolls and has some underground enemies such as Buzzy Beetles and Swoopers. There are three exits in the level. While beating Donut Plains 2 is not compulsory for finishing the game, it is the only way to get to the Green Switch Palace. This level is unlocked after the player completes Donut Plains 1, and its own completion unlocks the Donut Ghost House.


The level starts off with Mario or Luigi coming down from a hole above. After that, the screen starts to scroll. Now, the player has to maneuver around sand tides, a few Buzzy Beetles, and Swoopers. After that, the player eventually encounters a few Warp Pipes. After going forward a little more, Mario or Luigi encounters the Giant Gate and finishes the level.

The other two exits are in the room after Mario or Luigi enters the Warp Pipe as mentioned below.


While there are virtually no hidden rooms or special areas in Donut Plains 2, the level has three exits, two of which open the regular way to the Donut Ghost House in the northeast of Donut Plains 2.

Right after the first Green Block (which is a green Dotted Line Block instead if the green ! Switch has not been activated yet), there is an upside-down green Warp Pipe. The player can ignore this pipe and head right. This can be considered the standard way, as it is the only way to get all the Dragon Coins in the level. Finally, Mario or Luigi reaches the Giant Gate and continues to the Donut Ghost House.

Another way that leads to the Ghost House is to enter the Warp Pipe mentioned above. Mario or Luigi enters a special room with a Chargin' Chuck kicking footballs at him. The auto-scrolling also stops. At the end of the room, there is a Warp Pipe leading to the Giant Gate.

Secret exit[edit]

This exit requires Mario or Luigi to have either Yoshi, a shell, or a cape. First, Mario or Luigi has to enter the special room like above. Yoshi can eat the Blue Shell at the end of the room, which gives him the ability to fly. He can fly up where the Rotating Blocks are and pass through a narrow gap where the player finds a key and keyhole. The key can also be reached by flying through it as Caped Mario or Caped Luigi. Additionally, the uppermost Rotating Block releases a Beanstalk when hit, making passing through the gap easier. Alternatively, this block can be hit with the shell. The player can use the other three Rotating Blocks as stairs to get to the Beanstalk, or they can simply fly up. When the player puts the key into the keyhole, a new way westwards opens, and it takes them to the Green Switch Palace.


Image Name Count
Buzzy Beetle from Super Mario World Buzzy Beetle 9
Sprite of a Swooper from Super Mario World Swooper 14
Puntin' Chuck Passin' Chuck 1
Sprite of a Spike Top from Super Mario World Spike Top 2

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドーナツへいや コース2
Dōnatsu Heiya Kōsu 2
Doughnut Plains Course 2

Chinese 甜圈平原2
Tiánquānpíngyuán 2
Donut Plains 2

French Plaine Beignet 2
Donut Plain 2
German Donut-Ebene 2
Donut Plain 2
Italian Pianura Ciambella 2
Donut Plain 2
Spanish Llanura del Donut 2
Donut Plain 2