Yoshi's Island 3

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Yoshi's Island 3
World-Level 1-3
World Yoshi's Island
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 300 seconds
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Yoshi's Island 3 is the third level of Yoshi's Island in Super Mario World. It takes place on a high mountain and features a lot of platforms; falling down can result in losing a life. This level is easier if the Yellow Switch is already activated, since in this case there are a lot of ! Blocks protecting the player from falling into a pit.


Smw mario2.png

The level starts with a Message Block giving information on Dragon Coins. Right next to the Block, a row of yellow ! Blocks show that activating the Yellow Switch is a big help in this stage. When the player follows the path up the steps and to the right, they come across a platform that starts to rotate when stepped on. This way, it is possible to collect the Coins below. When going on, the player finds another type of platform called Stretch Blocks, that are composed of five segments which constantly expand and cut down again. Though they look like Rotating Blocks, they do not serve the same function. The first Dragon Coin can be found above. After another swinging platform, the player finds the first Winged Koopa Troopa in the game. These are red-shelled, allowing Yoshi (who can be obtained from one of the ? Blocks here) to spit out Fireballs. Soon there is another type of platform. These are black and white and simply move either horizontally or vertically. After a red-shelled Koopa Troopa, there are some more of the rotating platforms. There is a hidden Warp Pipe below the first one, so the player can drop there. The Pipe leads to a simple underground room which features a lava pit, a P Switch and a lot of Coins. Hitting the Switch makes the Coins turn into Blocks and thus it is possible to cross the lava pit. The second Dragon Coin is to be found here as well. Leaving the room through the Warp Pipe takes the player to solid ground again and, a bit further, to the Midway Gate.

After a hopping green-shelled Winged Koopa Troopa, there is the third Dragon Coin and another Message Block talking about how to perform high jumps. Next, there is a row of five Rotating Blocks with a Koopa Troopa on the top; the right Block contains a Coin. Up the platform, the ? Block provides the player with a power-up. After various moving platforms, the player comes across the fourth Dragon Coin. Between more platforms, there is the first Bonus Block in the game, providing the player with a 1-Up Mushroom, in case he has collected at least 30 Coins in the level. Otherwise it only yields a single Coin. Moving on and crossing two more swinging platforms, the plumber finally reaches the fifth Dragon Coin. A bit further, there is the Giant Gate, with no enemies protecting it. The player is able to enter Yoshi's Island 4 after he or she walks through the Gate.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨースターとう コース3
Yōsutā Tō Kōsu 3
Yo’ster Isle Course 3
Spanish Isla de Yoshi 3 Yoshi's Island 3
French Ile de Yoshi 3 Yoshi's Island 3
German Yoshi-Insel 3 Yoshi Island 3