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SMW Bonusblock.png
A bonus block
“Try striking a bonus block AFTER you have found at least 30 coins in an area...”
Message Block in Butter Bridge 1, Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2

A bonus block (initially parsed as Bonus Block)[1][2] is a special green block with a white star on it that appears in certain levels of Super Mario World and its remake. If Mario or Luigi collects at least 30 coins in a level and then hits the block, a 1-Up Mushroom pops out as a reward. If either brother does not have at least 30 coins, he obtains only a single coin. Some levels this block can be found in are Yoshi's Island 3, Butter Bridge 1, Donut Plains 3, and Chocolate Island 3.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボーナスブロック[3]
Bōnasu Burokku
Bonus Block
French Bloc de bonus[4] Bonus Block
German Bonusblock Bonus Block
Italian Blocco di Bonus[5]
Mattoni bonus[6]
Bonus Block
Bonus Bricks
Portuguese Bloco Bônus Bonus Block
Spanish Bloque de Bonus[7] Bonus Block


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