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SMW Bonusblock.png
A bonus block
“Try striking a bonus block AFTER you have found at least 30 coins in an area...”
Message Block in Butter Bridge 1, Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2

A bonus block (initially parsed as Bonus Block)[1][2] is a special green block with a white star on it that appears in certain levels of Super Mario World and its reissue. If Mario or Luigi collects at least 30 coins in a level and then hits the block, a 1-Up Mushroom pops out as a reward. If either brother does not have at least 30 coins, he obtains only a single coin. Some levels this block can be found in are Yoshi's Island 3, Donut Ghost House, Donut Plains 3, Vanilla Secret 3, Butter Bridge 1, and Chocolate Island 3.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボーナスブロック[3]
Bōnasu Burokku
Bonus Block
French Bloc de bonus[4] Bonus Block
German Bonusblock Bonus Block
Italian Blocco di Bonus[5]
Mattone bonus[6]
Blocco Bonus[7]
Bonus Block
Bonus brick
Bonus Block
Portuguese Bloco Bônus Bonus Block
Spanish Bloque de Bonus[8] Bonus Block


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