Donut Ghost House

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Donut Ghost House
Donut Ghost House.png
World-Level 2-GH
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 300 seconds
Notes The first Ghost House in the game, it introduces Boos. There is a P Switch in the level that releases a misleading arrow - the player only reaches the exit when ignoring the arrow. There is also another exit to the Top Secret Area.
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Donut Ghost House is the first of two Ghost Houses in the Donut Plains, and also the first ever Ghost House that the player visits in Super Mario World. The level introduces Boos to the game. It also has a secret exit to the Top Secret Area.


Control Coin area.

It is a short level; however, the player has to use the right tactics in order to finish it. The Ghost House basically consists of three rooms. In the first one, Mario or Luigi just needs to move forward and avoid the Boos and the pits.

In the second room, the player has no other choice than to use the door on the right side (unless they have a Cape Feather, in which case they may simply fly to the exit door in the top left corner). When entering, Mario or Luigi finds himself in the very same room again, but this time in a different location. Now, the player can choose between taking the same door again, which actually leads to the third room this time, or to hit the Block above which releases a P Switch. When hitting the Block, an arrow made of Coins guides the way to another door. When entering, Mario comes into a small room with a single ? Block. The block, when hit, releases a Control Coin. If the player leaves the room, the third room is not reached, but the second again. This means that if not ignoring the P Switch at least once, the player never reaches the exit of the level.

The third room looks exactly like the second one. However, the Block this time does not release a P Switch but a Beanstalk, allowing the player to climb up to the exit door. When being in the third room and taking the door on the right side again, the player once again appears in the second room.


The above-mentioned regular exit, when used, makes a bridge appear that crosses the river in the East, allowing Mario or Luigi to go to Donut Plains 3.

Secret Exit[edit]

There is another exit in the game. Using it requires Mario or Luigi to enter the Ghost House as Cape Mario or Cape Luigi, respectively. In the first room, the player may move forward until they reach the first pit, then upon reaching it, stop and run backwards until they begin running fast. Upon running fast enough, jumping causes the player to fly upwards through a gap created by a secret platform that guides the player to a pit that contains four Blocks and a door. All the Blocks contain transparent 1-Up Mushrooms, and the door leads to the secret exit with a Giant Gate. When used, a new way opens northwards that leads to the Top Secret Area.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドーナツへいやのオバケやしき
Dōnatsu Heiya no Obake Yashiki
Donut Plains' Ghost House
Spanish 1ª Casa Encantada 1st Haunted House
French Manoir Beignet Donut Manor
German Donut-Spukhaus Donut Ghosthouse