Cheese Bridge Area

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Cheese Bridge Area
Cheese Bridge Area.png
Mario on the second out of three possible platforms
Level code 4-1
World Twin Bridges
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 300 seconds
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The Cheese Bridge Area (or simply Cheese Bridge[1]), which makes up part of the Twin Bridges area, is in between the Vanilla Dome and Cookie Mountain in Super Mario World. It can be accessed through completing #3 Lemmy's Castle. By completing this level, the player gains access to Cookie Mountain. By going through the secret Giant Gate in the level, the player can gain access to Soda Lake. The Cheese Bridge is smaller than the Butter Bridge, which is above it. The Cheese Bridge only contains one level, but the level contains a secret exit that leads down into the hidden area of Soda Lake and a Star Road warp. The entire level can be passed by flying with a Cape Feather. The Chainsaw obstacle makes its first appearance in this level, with its only other appearance being in Way Cool.


The player starts out near a ? Block with a Super Mushroom or Cape Feather, depending on if Mario or Luigi has a power-up or not. Next to that, there are three floating platforms that travel on separate lines. There are many Chainsaws that the player must dodge. The topmost platform leads to the Midway Gate high in the air, while the other two lead to the area beneath the Midway Gate. Then there is another ? Block that contains Yoshi's Wings, which changes Yoshi's color to blue when received. Yoshi's color does not change in the Game Boy Advance remake, Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World. There is a Warp Pipe nearby that leads to an area with more floating platforms and diagonally flying Bullet Bills. After that, there are some pulley chains that the player must ride to get the Giant Gate while avoiding more Chainsaws.

Secret Exit[edit]

Mario flying under the Giant Gate that would lead him to Cookie Mountain. Instead, he will take the secret exit that leads to Soda Lake.
Mario attempting to get to the secret exit

To access the shortcut that leads to Soda Lake, the player should have a Yoshi and a Cape Feather and glide underneath the Giant Gate and immediately dismount Yoshi, or fly / bounce under the gate with just a Cape Feather. If done so, the player goes behind the Gate. The player should advance forward, where there is another Giant Gate and a 3-Up Moon nearby. After walking into it, the player has access to Soda Lake.


Sprite Name Count
Bullet Bill Bullet Bill infinite
Chainsaw SMW.png Chainsaw 31
A Fuzzy sprite from Super Mario World Fuzzy 15

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チーズブリッジ[2]
Chīzu Burijji
チーズブリッジ コース1 (SNES)
Chīzu Burijji Kōsu 1
チーズブリッジのコース (GBA)
Chīzu Burijji no Kōsu

Cheese Bridge (manual map)

Cheese Bridge Course 1 (in-game, SNES)

Cheese Bridge Course (in-game, GBA)

French Zone Pont Fromage
Cheese Bridge Zone
German Käsebrücke
Cheese Bridge
Italian Ponte di Formaggio[3]
Cheese Bridge
Spanish (NOE) Puente de Queso
Cheese Bridge


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