Chocolate Island 4

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Chocolate Island 4
Mario riding Blue Yoshi while he eats 1-Up Mushrooms in Chocolate Island 4.
Mario and a Blue Yoshi picking up 1-UP Mushrooms
Level code 6-4
World Chocolate Island
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 300 seconds
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Chocolate Island 4 is the fourth level from the world Chocolate Island in Super Mario World. It is an underground level with chocolate lava and diagonal platforms. Also, during normal progression, the enemy Mega Mole is introduced in this level.


The player starts of on a cliff, and can slide down to get to the bottom. Here, there is some chocolate lava and diagonal platforms that move diagonally create a path for the player to get to another cliff. Three more of these carrot-like platforms can be seen, both of which lead to the same ledge. Also, a Dragon Coin can be seen here. On the ledge below, there is a Super Mushroom. Now, the player has to cautiously traverse through diagonal platforms. The ones that lead to the top get the player nowhere, however, the ones on the bottom do. Some platforms go inside the chocolate lava. A Flimsy Lift can be seen on the very bottom of this area. The player needs to hop off of it to reach yet another cliff. Some coins and a Dragon Coin are placed over here. After a while, the player can either keep going straight, or go down the pit, which is where the midpoint is located. If the player has activated the Switch Palaces, then they can easily walk on the blue ! Blocks towards the three 1-Up Mushrooms and a yellow ! Block with three red ! Blocks beside it that contains a Mushroom. If the player hasn't pressed the Blue Switch, they need to cautiously advance on top of the diagonal platforms to reach the mushrooms. Now, many Rotating Blocks and a couple of coins with a Dragon Coin in the center can be seen. The third Rotating Block contains a blue Switch Block, and makes the blocks that have been hit turn into coins, which unblocks the path to a pipe, and also a Dragon Coin.

If the player enters the pipe, they enter a bonus room, and land on top of Rotating Blocks which create an arrow, and another Switch Block is placed here. If the player hits the Switch Block, then the blocks below turn into coins. The player can jump off whenever they want and when the Switch Block runs out, they end up on either a platform made up entirely of Empty Blocks or the ground. The sections contain the following, from the top to the bottom: Many coins, a Cape Feather, more coins (with a Dragon Coin at the end), a 1-Up Mushroom, a Super Star, a Mushroom, five 1-Up Mushrooms, another Feather, a Fire Flower, five coins, three 1-Up Mushrooms, and a Jumping Board found on the ground. The player can either use it to jump to the layer above them, or carry it throughout the pipe. There is a horizontal green pipe for every section the player stops on; if the player takes any of the pipes here, they come out of a tube near the top right. A Mega Mole falls down from here, and a ? Block containing a Fire Flower can be seen. If the player didn't take the pipe, then they can keep walking along the cliffs, where two Mega Moles are found. After a while, the player needs to hop of from the ledge they are on to another cliff to cross the chocolate lava. A hill can be seen here, and just right past it, a Chargin' Chuck will be standing ontop of a pipe, and jumps in the air and claps. The Giant Gate can be seen here, and the player gains access to Chocolate Island 5.


Sprite Name Count
Sprite of a Mega Mole from Super Mario World Mega Mole 3
Clappin' Chuck Clappin' Chuck 1

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チョコレーとう コース4
Chokorē-tō Kōsu 4
Chocolat Island Course 4

French Île Chocolat 4
Chocolate Island 4
German Schoko-Insel 4
Choco Island 4
Italian Cioccoisola 4
Chocolate Island 4
Spanish Isla de Chocolate 4
Chocolate Island 4