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“Amazing! Few have made it this far. Beyond lies the Special Zone. Complete it and you can explore a strange new world. GOOD LUCK!”
Message Block
Gnarly SMW.png
Mario on an elastic platform
World-Level 9-1
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 300 seconds
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Gnarly is the first level in the Special Zone of Super Mario World. It is mostly a vertical level in which Mario or Luigi have to scale ropes or vines and use Jumping Boards to reach the top. It takes place in the sky.


Map of the level

Gnarly consists of two areas on which Mario and Luigi has three hundred seconds on the Timer to complete. This level contains eight Dragon Coins. This level contains no secret exit.

The player starts next to a Message Block, which tells the player there is a surprise at the end of the Special Zone. To progress through the screen, the player must first go upwards. There are a few Jumping Boards the player can jump up, which leads them to a platform with four Rotating Blocks. Upon hitting these Rotating Blocks, they all sprout Vines which the player can climb up; however, only the rightmost vine leads to anywhere useful, as the rest get stuck below Blocks. Once the player climbs up to where the red Koopa Paratroopa is flying, hitting the right Rotating Block results in another vine growing, and the left gives the player a Switch Block. The player should use the Jump Blocks on the right side to take the Switch Block to the top. Once at the top, the player should hit the Switch Block (which makes several ? Blocks appear) and fall down against the right wall, and then enter the Warp Pipe the player ends up next to.

In the next screen, the player encounters three Dragon Coins to the left, and three 1-Up Mushrooms to the right. The 1-Up Mushrooms are invisible. After collecting the items, the player can simply fly over the pit to the right if they have a Cape Feather. Otherwise, the player must use the Switch Blocks to make ? Blocks appear, defeat the Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother, and use its platform to reach solid ground. There is a Lakitu tossing Spinies at the player right before the Giant Gate.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おたのしみ コース
Otanoshimi Kōsu
Fun Course
French Noueux Gnarly
German Extraordinär Extraordinary
Italian Nodoso[1] Gnarled
Spanish Enredado Tangled