Valley of Bowser 1

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Valley of Bowser 1
Valley of Bowser 1.png
Mario and Yoshi facing a Chargin' Chuck
World-Level 7-1
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 400 seconds
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Valley of Bowser 1 is a cave level with a very maze-like structure in the Valley of Bowser of Super Mario World. It can be accessed by the completion of Sunken Ghost Ship, and its completion unlocks Valley of Bowser 2.


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At the beginning of the level, the player will see a Mega Mole, which will be trapped in red ! Blocks if the player activated the red switch. Then, player will enter a maze, where he or she can go the upper or lower way. The lower way is protected by a Chargin' Chuck, who breaks the Grab Blocks, and a Mega Mole. As a reward, the player will earn a Dragon Coin. The upper way is protected by two other Mega Moles and then are there another two ways. On the upper way is a Dragon Coin, covered by another Mega Mole. On the down way are again 2 ways (A). The lower way includes a Mega Mole and a flooded gap. On the straight way are three Chargin' Chucks who will break the yellow blocks in which they are covered. This will be followed by another two-path area (B). The lower path at (B) will lead the player to a green ! Block, that includes a Super Mushroom or a Fire Flower, another Mega Mole and two yellow blocks, which lead to the upper path at (B), that includes a Mega Mole. The lower way will lead to another Mega Mole and a Bottomless Pit, covered with breakable blue blocks, which will be broken by three Chargin' Chucks. The upper path at (B) includes, as said, a Mega Mole, a Green Pipe (1), which has no function now and another Mega Mole. The upper way at (A) includes a Mega Mole, a flooded gap (as the down way at (A)), another Mega Mole an another two path area. The down path there leads to the Midway point. The upper path includes another Mega Mole and a gap with Munchers in it and a Mega Mole which runs into the gap (The player has to jump on it in order to progress). After this, the player can go down or straight. The straight way includes a 3-Up Moon. The down way goes to a blue ! Block and two other, hindering the Mega Mole progressing to the down way. Then the player will come to a 5-way intersection.

The upper way will lead the player to yellow blocks, which will be broken by a Chargin' Chuck, followed by three coins. Under this is a Dragon Coin and a Mega Mole, which is surrounded by yellow ! blocks when the player activated them. Under this is a normal way and a gap. Through the gap is another Dragon Coin. From there the player can activate invisible ? Blocks. From now the player can access the way over that way. The down way includes a Mega Mole and a bottomless pit. The 3rd to down way leads now (when the player has activated the invisible blocks) to yellow blocks, which will be destroyed by two Chargin' Chucks. This follows a 4-way intersection. In the middle is a yellow block that includes a mushroom or a Cape Feather. With the feather, the player can access a blue Pipe (2) which is up there. It leads to the item minigame of Super Mario World. The exit of the minigame leads to the green pipe (1). The second to up way will lead to a Mega Mole and blue breakable blocks, that will be broken by two Chargin' Chucks. The way under this includes only a Mega Mole. Both ways leads to the final Dragon Coin. The down way includes a Mega mole, blue breakable blocks and a Chargin' Chuck, who will break them. This is followed by a green Pipe (3). It leads to the Exit. Completing the level will allow access to Valley of Bowser 2.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese まおうクッパのたに コース1
Maō Kuppa no Tani Kōsu 1
King Koopa's Valley Course 1
Spanish Valle de Bowser 1 Valley of Bowser 1
French Vallée de Bowser 1 Bowser's Valley 1
German Bowsers Tal 1 Bowser's Valley 1
Chinese 酷霸王山谷 1
Kùbàwáng Shāngǔ 1
Valley of Bowser 1