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Mario holding a flashing Grab Block
Grab Block.png
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Grab Blocks[1] are dark blue Blocks appearing in Super Mario World. As its name implies, the main feature of a Grab Block is that it can be picked up and carried around by the player, essentially the same way as with Super Mario Bros. 3's Ice Blocks. Once grabbed, it can be kicked away, to defeat enemies or to reach distant ? Blocks.

When Mario or Luigi holds a Grab Block, it will start to flash different colors, disappearing after a few seconds. However, if the player takes a Grab Block through a pipe, then it lasts indefinitely; this is a glitch. Yoshi can eat Grab Blocks.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブルブルブロック
Buruburu burokku
Shivering Block; from buruburu, an onomatopoeia for freezing.
French Bloc à empoigner -
Portuguese Bloco de Apanhar Catch Block


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