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Mario holding a flashing Grab Block.
Grab Block.png
SMW Grabblock.gif

Grab Blocks[1] are dark blue Blocks appearing in Super Mario World. As its name implies, the main feature of a Grab Block is that it can be picked up and carried around by the player, essentially the same way as with Super Mario Bros. 3 's Ice Blocks. Once grabbed, it can be kicked away, to defeat enemies or to reach distant ? Blocks. When Mario or Luigi holds a Grab Block, it will start to flash different colors, disappearing after a few seconds. However, if the player takes a Grab Block through a pipe, then it lasts indefinitely; this is a glitch. Yoshi can eat Grab Blocks.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブルブルブロック
Buruburu burokku
Shivering Block; from buruburu, an onomatopoeia for freezing.
French Bloc à empoigner -
Portuguese Bloco de Apanhar Catch Block


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