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Not to be confused with Timer Block.
Time Block from Super Mario Run

A Time Block is a type of block that appears in Super Mario Run. The Time Block is a purple block that has a spinning dial on the front of it. When Mario hits a Time Block, it adds ten seconds of time back onto the Time Limit. After Mario uses a Time Block, it becomes an Empty Block. They are rare, and only appear in Sky-High Lifts and Leaps!, Cutting-Edge Spire, Boohind Lock and Key, Switch Ghost House, Scuttlebug Forest, and Scaredy Rat Race.

Time Blocks also appear in certain LEGO Super Mario sets, having a similar design to the LEGO variant of the ? Block, but instead being blue and having a clock icon instead of a question mark. If scanned by Mario while the timer is active, 30 seconds are added to the Time Limit.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese (Traditional) 時間磚塊
Shíjiān Zhuānkuài
Time Block
Italian Blocco tempo + Time + block
Russian Блок времени
Blok vremeni
Time block