Rally Ticket

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Rally Ticket
A red-and-white ticket with a Toad emblem on it.

First Appearance

Super Mario Run (2016)

Rally Tickets are a type of item in Super Mario Run. They are used to compete against other players in Toad Rally. For every match played, a Rally Ticket is used. When the player runs out out of them, Toad Rally cannot be played until more Rally Tickets are earned. They can be received in several different ways, such as collecting all sets of Challenge Coins in a level (tickets for each set), playing bonus minigames, buying them in the shop via linking a My Nintendo account, and from blocks in the kingdom. No Rally Ticket is used during a Friendly Run, but no Toads can be gained nor lost if the player wins or loses the match. As of the version 3.0.4 update, players must use Rally Tickets in order to play a round of the Remix 10 mode.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラリーチケット[1]
Rarī Chiketto
Rally Ticket
Spanish Boleto para correras Rally ticket
French Ticket de défi Rally ticket
Dutch Raceticket Rally ticket
German Rallye-Ticket Rally Ticket
Italian Biglietto sfida Rally ticket
Portuguese Bilhete de corrida Rally ticket
Russian Билет на ралли
Bilet na ralli
Rally ticket
Korean 랠리 티켓[2]
Raelli Tiket
Rally Ticket
Chinese 拉力赛券[3]
Lālìsài Quàn
Rally Ticket


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