World 4 (Super Mario Run)

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World 4
World4 SMR.png
Appearance Super Mario Run
Levels 4
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World 4 is the fourth world of Super Mario Run. Although its exact terrain is unknown, it contains four levels that consist of the fortress, grassland, underground, and airship themes, respectively. This world is available after completion of World 3, and unlocks World 5 upon its own completion.


Level Number Level Name Preview Description
World 4-1 Cutting-Edge Spire SMRTower.png A fortress level with Grinders.
World 4-2 Slope to Success SMRslope.png A grassland level with slopes, Goombas, and Koopa Troopas.
World 4-3 Danger High and Low SMRdangerhighlow.png An underground level with Buzzy Beetles and Munchers.
World 4-4 Firing the Airship's Burners SMRBurner.png An airship level containing Burners and Ninjis, as well as the game's fourth boss battle, against Boom Boom.

Enemies introduced[edit]

Obstacles introduced[edit]