World 3 (Super Mario Run)

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World 3
World 3 (Super Mario Run)
Game Super Mario Run
Level(s) 4
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World 3 is the third world of Super Mario Run. Although its exact terrain is unknown, it contains four levels that consist of the desert, sky, grassland, and castle themes, respectively. This world is available after completion of World 2, and unlocks World 4 upon its own completion.


Level Number Level Name Preview Description
World 3-1 Big Spiny Blitz 3-1 in Super Mario Run A desert level with many Big Spinies and a Lakitu.
World 3-2 Bullet Bill Barrage 3-2 in Super Mario Run A sky level with Bullet Bills and Bull's-Eye Bills.
World 3-3 Shell Me the Way! 3-3 in Super Mario run A grassland level with many Koopa Troopas and Brick Blocks.
World 3-4 Fire Bar Castle! Youch! 3-4 in Super Mario Run A castle level containing Fire Bars and Lava Bubbles, as well as the game's third boss battle, against Fake Bowser.

Enemies introduced[edit]