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Character artwork from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Species Brock
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)
Britta, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Britta is a female Brock who appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. She is the leader of several builder Brocks in Dozing Sands. Britta appears to be a female counterpart to Brickle in several ways, such as her role as a leader and the fact that she was attacked by the area's boss, similar to Brickle. Like other Brocks she is made out of two blank, yellow ? Blocks; she wears pink boots, has combed hair, and also wears a pink work hat with a headlamp in the middle of it.


Britta first appears in Dozing Sands, watching over her subordinate miners and pressuring them to work faster. After sighting Mario and Luigi and being told they're not looking for work, she orders them off her construction site, however she quickly reconsiders upon hearing their reasons (to find the Dream Stone before Antasma and Bowser), as long as they stay out of the way.

Later on near the main railway track for the Drilldigger, Britta once again reconsiders and puts them with the task of using the Drilldigger to break as many rocks as possible. After teaching them, she hangs around the area, offering pay at the rate of 20 coins per rock, and 100 more after clearing all (There are 32 rocks in total, making it 740 coins in all). While breaking the rocks, Mario and Luigi also collect the four Dozites from the Pi'illo Keepers of the area, and thus create a path up the sand flow. Britta notices this, and praises then orders the Bros. to stay put so she can greedily secure the treasure rumoured to be up the massive sand flow.

Mario and Luigi follow her, to find she was quickly ambushed by Torkscrew, dragged across the sand leaving bruises everywhere and was then eaten alive by the monster. Mario and Luigi engage battle with Torkscrew, soundly felling him, the explosion caused from doing so causing Torkscrew to disappear, leaving Britta barely conscious. At that point, a group of miners who went up the new path up the large sand flow arrive on the scene and find Britta, who after screaming she wasn't dead at them, is carried away by the group to be treated by a doctor. Britta can later be found near the railway track in full health be it the Bros. return soon after the event.

When Mario and Luigi return to Dozing Sands to find the Dozing Mattress, Britta can be found pressuring some workers to work harder and break through what seems to be a high, unbreakable wall in one of the areas on the higher side of the massive sand flow. Upon realizing she wouldn't break through it, and that she couldn't go over it and find the possible treasure she was thinking was there, Britta orders her workers to work somewhere else, and goes to do the same.

A Dreamy version of Britta runs a shop in Dreamy Dozing Sands.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブリンダ
Play on "brick" and the English female names "Linda" and/or "Brenda"

French (NOA) Patricia
French (NOE) Brenda
Transliteration of the japanese name
German Blockburga
From "block" and "Burga" (common German name)
Italian Choisira
From "choisir" ("to choose" in French) and Italian name "Cesira"
Korean 블린다
Same as Japanese

Spanish (NOA) Bloana
From "bloque" (block) and a Spanish name ending "-ana"
Spanish (NOE) Belinda
A given name


Britta speaking like the El Chavo character, Señor Barriga, in the Latin American version of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Britta speaking like the Señor Barriga (Mr. Beliarge) in her last line.
  • In the Latin American version of the game, when Mario and Luigi enter the Dozing Sands's oasis and they look for the first time at Britta, she is warning her workers about dismissing them, quoting in her last line a popular phrase of the El Chavo del Ocho character, Señor Barriga (his English name is "Mr. Beliarge" in the animated series of El Chavo). The phrase is: "...¡o los pongo de patitas en la calle!" (English: "...or I'll put you out on the street!").
  • When the Shelltop says, "Because she just fired me five minutes ago!" he is still hammering the ground, despite being fired.
  • Starlow is often erroneously given Britta's dialogue sound effects.