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Dream Team enemy
Ticksquawk from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Location(s) Dreamy Wakeport
Level 14
HP 90
Power 76
Defense 75
Speed 37
Weakness None
Experience 20 (24)
Coins 18 (100%)
Item drop Supersyrup Jar (5%)
None (0%)
No Hitter 18
World Dream

Ticksquawks are stopwatch enemies that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Their bodies have yellow lining and a red stopwatch hand and switch. In the field, Ticksquawks move around aimlessly if not disturbed, but will frantically rush about upon sighting Mario and Dreamy Luigi for a short amount of time.

A Ticksquawk can also attack by approaching Mario and initiating its timer, the Ticksquawk briefly opening itself upon the red stopwatch hand on it making a full rotation around its face. Upon it opening, a bluebird will fly out at Mario, who must jump over it in order to avoid taking damage from it; defeating the bluebird will award Mario a Coin. The Ticksquawk may perform this attack but have a white shutter cover its face instead, preventing Mario from visually being able to tell when the Ticksquawk will open itself and forcing the player to tell through sound-related means.

A Ticksquawk may also start flashing red and advance towards Mario, dashing around him five times in a square formation with short pauses in between. Mario must hammer the Ticksquawk as it bursts past him in order to avoid taking damage, counter-attack the Ticksquawk and halt its oncoming explosion as a result. If Mario fails to do this, the Ticksquawk will explode, defeating itself and damaging Mario in the process. Any Ticksquawk that knocks itself out this way will not earn the player any experience points.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チクタくん
Portmanteau of "tick-tock" and the Japanese honorific「~くん」(-kun)
French (NOE) Tictakin Pun on "tic-tac" (tick-tock) and "taquin" (teasing)
German Foppuhr Portmanteau of "foppen" (to make fun) and "Uhr" (clock)
Italian Ticchettacco Portmanteau of "ticchettare" (to tick) and "attacco" (attack)
Portuguese Tiquetáguia From "tique-taque" (tick-tock) and "águia" (eagle)
Russian Часоклюв
From "часы" (chasy, clock) and "клюв" (klyuv, beak)
Spanish (NOA) Aguiloj Portmanteau of "águila" (eagle) and "reloj" (clock)
Spanish (NOE) Ticáguila Portmanteau of "tic" (tick) and "águila" (eagle)