Lost Camera

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Lost Camera
LostCamera DreamTeam.png
"A lost camera found by one of the Beanish people. Whose camera is it?"
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)

The Lost Camera is an item found exclusively in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, and the seventh item collected during a series of item trades pertaining to a sidequest in Wakeport. Mario and Luigi are given this item from a homesick Beanish under the stairs in the westermost hotel room of northeast Wakeport after they give him Queen Bean's Photo.

Mario and Luigi must then head up the stairs to the rooftop to give this item to the owner of the camera, a Toad, who will thank them and point out a nearby buried "item" between the west fountain and a white parasol. The Bros. can then use Mole Mario on the spot to dig up the Pi'illo Ring.