Somnom Woods

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Somnom Woods
Somnom Woods
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)
Greater location Pi'illo Island
Inhabitants Bedsmith, Nommons, Boomerang Bros., Beehosses, Bandits, Pi'illodactyls R, Eyepi'illos
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Somnom Woods is the penultimate area visited by Mario and Luigi in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is a mystical ancient forest located east of Mushrise Park. The forest is deeply undeveloped and was completely unexplored frontier wilderness since the time of the Pi'illos. As a result, tourists are advised to not walk into the forest. It is inhabited by a species as old as the Pi'illos known as the Nommons. Mario and Luigi travel to the forest so Bedsmith can assemble the Ultibed, being the first people to explore Somnom Woods in ages (unless the Boomerang Bros arrived first, then they were). Then after Bedsmith finishes the Utilibed, they must travel to the heart of the woods where the Pi'illo Temple lies. After an unexpected fight against Pi'illodium, they can use the Ultibed to revive the Zeekeeper. The name comes from somnibus, which means "dream" in Latin.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ムユーウッド
Muyū Uddo
From「夢遊病」(muyūbyō, "somnambulism") and "wood"

Dutch Slaapwandelwoud
Sleepwalking Woods
French (NOA) Forêt Noctale
Night Forest
French (NOE) Bois Somnam
Somnam Woods; from somnambule ("sleepwalker")
German Somnamwald
Somnam Woods; from somnambul ("sleepwalker")
Italian Sonnambosco
From sonnambulo ("sleepwalker") and bosco ("wood")
Korean 몽유 숲
Mongyu Sup
From 몽유병 (mongyubyeong, "somnambulism") and 숲 (sup, "forest")

Portuguese (NOE) Floresta Sonâmbula
Sleepwalking Forest
Spanish (NOA) Bosque Somnol
Bosque means "forest", and Somnol is an abbreviation of somnoliento ("sleepy").
Spanish (NOE) Bosque Sonambulón
From bosque ("forest") and sonámbulo ("sleepwalker") with the Spanish suffix -ón