Flaming Antasmaton

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Dream Team enemy
Flaming Antasmaton
Flaming Antasmaton, from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Location(s) Neo Bowser Castle
Level 31
HP 190
Power 220
Defense 213
Speed 128
Weakness None
Experience 400 (480)
Coins 70 (100%)
Item drop Ultrasyrup Jar (4%)
Farmer Boots (1%)
No Hitter 53
World Real

Flaming Antasmatons are flamethrower-snouted robots that vaguely resemble Antasma that appear in Neo Bowser Castle in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Flaming Antasmaton's name is a portmanteau of "Antasma" and "automaton", a machine that moves on its own.

In the field, Flaming Antasmatons will shoot a string of fire upon sight of Mario and Luigi, then spin rapidly towards them. In battle, they may head slightly into the foreground or background to shoot fire forward and rotate, which Mario and Luigi must dodge by jumping. If the Antasmaton heads into the background, Mario must jump over the first rotation, both the Bros. must jump over the second simultaneously and Luigi over the third. There is sometimes a fourth rotation. If into the foreground, they must do this backwards.

Flaming Antasmatons may also approach a Bro. to start shooting fire while spinning in front of him at changing speeds, which he must jump over thrice in order to dizzy the machine and make it teeter towards the other Bro., who must jump over or on the Antasmaton to successfully dodge the whole attack. Occasionally, when executing this attack, the wings on the Flaming Antasmation may extend or retract when it rotates: if the wings are extended, the Antasmaton will rotate at a slower rate; if the wings are retracted, it will spin faster. Failure for the targeted Bro. to avoid the flames will result in the attack's immediate end, unlike the Antasmaton's other attack.

These attacks can also cause the "Char" status, which is a more harmful version of a burn.

In the overworld, its flames can be attacked to initiate a First Strike - even with a jump, despite them being harmful in battle and the First Strike not actually touching the enemy.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイアロボ
Faia Robo
Fire Robo
French (NOA) Pyro-Phobieutron
French (NOE) Pyro Antasmatron
German Flamm-Antasmaton Flame Antasmaton
Italian Fuochirombrak From "fuochi" (plural of "fuoco", meaning "fire"), "robot", "ombra" (shadow), and "Inkubak" (Antasma)
Portuguese Flamethrower Robot -
Russian Мракулобот
From "Мракула" (Mrakula, Antasma) and "робот" (robot)
Spanish (NOA) Antasmatrón Flamígero Portmanteau of "Antasma" and "-trón" (common suffix for robots) + "flamígero" (blazing)
Spanish (NOE) Robot escupefuego "Robot" + portmanteau of "escupir" (to spit) and "fuego" (fire)