Mole Hunt old man

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Mole Hunt old man
Species Shelltop
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)

The old man at the Mole Hunt[1] is a Shelltop that lives in Driftwood Shore. He appears in the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He runs the Mole Hunt minigame and allows the Bros. passage to a nearby Dreampoint when they complete it for a fee of ten coins. When the Bros. come once again in search of the Driftwood Jellyfish Sheets, the old man forces them to play a minigame after the Fly Guy R thieves steal them. He tells them where they went after beating it a second time, and from then on the Bros. can play the game freely.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Vecchio della talpacaccia[2]
Mole Hunt old man


  1. ^ Ultibed Manual, hints 3 and 4 for the Driftwood Jellyfish Sheets; referred to as "the old man at the Mole Hunt" twice.
  2. ^ "Il vecchio della talpacaccia ha detto che i ladri dell'oggetto si sono diretti verso l'Aeroporto Guanciale." -Ultibed Manual, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.