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Dream Team enemy
A Chizzle
Location(s) Dreamy Mount Pajamaja
Role Common
Position Normal
Level 17
HP 44
Power 101
Defense 127
Speed 50
Weakness None
Experience 12 (14)
Coins 3 (100%)
Item drop Ultra Mushroom (1%)
Fighter Wear (1%)
No Hitter 23
World Dream

Chizzles are rock enemies with a grayish color scheme that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They have yellow eyes and hold their arms up as if they are flexing their muscles, resembling the various Muscle Lord statues seen around Mount Pajamaja. Their names are a homophone of "chisel". In the field, Chizzles will run forward if they spot Mario and Dreamy Luigi, only to turn around and run in the other direction when they can run no further. If not disturbed, Chizzles will wander around aimlessly.

In battle, Chizzles may run off-screen and burst out of the ground, creating pools of lava by each of Mario's four sides. One by one, the Chizzles will then fall into one of the lava pools, leap out from the pool, and run at Mario in the same order they fell into the pools. Mario must face and hammer the incoming Chizzle to avoid taking damage. This attack might inflict the Burn ailment. Chizzles may also run off-screen to reappear in the background with a giant rock dumbbell that will be thrown at Mario; he must hammer the dumbbell before it hits him in order to send it back to avoid taking damage and deal massive damage to the Chizzles in the background as a result. This attack might make Mario Dizzy. The third and final attack that the Chizzles may use involves them running off-screen and dropping down several lines of boulders down in front of Mario. The Chizzles will then come charging in from the right in varying numbers that line up with the boulders. They will destroy a boulder each time they bash into it and back up a bit before doing it again. Once a line of boulders is gone, the Chizzles will trample over Mario if he is in front of an incoming line. Mario can dodge this move completely if he hides behind the longer boulder lines and then runs back into a spot the Chizzles already ran through; he can also counter it by jumping on them as they make the final charge. If the very first Chizzle in a line is jumped on, it will fly back and knock away the ones behind it for extra damage. If there are less than four Chizzles left in battle, they will run away.

During the battle with Mount Pajamaja, Chizzles can be seen walking across bridges around the battlefield.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マッスルロック
Massuru Rokku
Muscle Rock

French (NOE) Rokoceps
From "roc" (rock) and "biceps"
Italian Muscorocco
From "muscolo" (muscle) and "rocca" ("rock", in a masculine form)
Portuguese Pedrúsculo
From "pedra" (stone) and "músculo" (muscle)
Russian Скалища
From "скала" (skala, rock) and "силища" (silischa, strength)

Spanish (NOA) Rocachón
From "roca" (rock) and "fortachón" (very strong)
Spanish (NOE) Fornirroca
From "fornido" (husky) and "roca" (rock)