Pi'illo Island

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Pi'illo Island
Map seen on the title screen of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)
Ruler Prince Dreambert
Inhabitants Pi'illos (natural), Nommons (natural), Brocks, Shelltops, Hooskis, Beanish

Pi'illo Island (formerly known as Pi'illo Kingdom) is a location in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and the main setting of the game. It is the home of the ancient race known as the Pi'illos and is where Mario, Luigi, Peach, the Toads and Starlow are invited to go on vacation. As with Beanbean Kingdom, all of the areas are named after the theme of the area, except they are all puns on terms of sleep instead of types of laughter. The island's name itself is a homophone of "pillow".


In the past, an ancient species called Pi'illos used to live on this island. They have the power to travel in and out of the Dream World, and they are the guardians of the Dream and Dark Stones, two spiral-shaped rocks formed from dreams and can grant wishes. However, one day, the bat king, Antasma, stole the Dark Stone to fulfill his wishes. To prevent this, The Pi'illos battled him and managed to seal him in the Dream World, but before he is sealed Antasma shattered the stolen Dark Stone; the broken pieces became Nightmare Chunks and fell all over the island, petrified every single Pi'illo, turning their bodies into stone, and trapped their souls in these Chunks located in the Dream World.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マクラノ
From「枕」(makura, pillow) and「」(, island)
Dutch Sluimereiland Slumber Island
French (NOE) Ile Koussinos Pillow Island
German La Dormita Italian for "the sleep"
Italian Isola Guanciale Pillow Island
Korean 베개로섬
Begaero Seom
Begae(-)ro, literally means 'to the pillow', and Seom means an island.
Portuguese Ilha Travesseiro Pillow Island
Russian Остров Засыпайя
Ostrov Zasypayya
From Засыпать, meaning To fall asleep and Ostrov meaning island.
Spanish (NOA) Isla Amodorra Drowsy Island
Spanish (NOE) Isla Almohada Pillow Island

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