Dreamy Mario

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Dream Team Enemy
Dreamy Mario
Dreamy Mario from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Location(s) Dreamy Pi'illo Castle
Level 5
HP 96
Power 30
Defense 30
Speed 19
Weakness None
Experience 75 (90)
Coins 45 (100%)
Item Drop None (0%)
So-so Boots (100%)
No Hitter
World Dream

Dreamy Mario is a clone of Mario that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He was created by Antasma to defeat Mario and Dreamy Luigi while he watches over him doing so with Princess Peach in his grip. He serves as the first boss fought in the Dream World, and is identical in appearance to Mario barring the purple cloud that surrounds him. As he is created at the start of the battle and destroyed at the end, he has no overworld sprites. In battle, he is capable of creating various copies of himself and using them to attack Mario.


In battle, whenever all the clones are defeated, Dreamy Mario will spawn a complete new set of about seven to ten clones and try to shuffle himself amongst them to avoid direct attacks from the real Mario, much like the Beta Kretin from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. If Dreamy Mario is directly attacked by Mario, all the clones vanish, but Dreamy Mario will immediately recreate the clones and reshuffle itself in the mass. Any weak clone Mario ends up attacking, either as a counter-attack or a direct one, will fly back at Mario from the top right corner of the screen after the attack, at which point they must be dodged by jumping over them as they hit the ground.

Dreamy Mario creating clones.

Dreamy Mario will primarily attack with a herd of weak clones by having them charge at Mario, who can dodge them by jumping. If the main clone is stomped during this attack, the attack will instantly stop. Additionally, a Brick Block may randomly appear during this attack to prevent Mario jumping over or on to the incoming clone.

Occasionally, Antasma will directly attack by moving back and forth while laying out a stream of Coins interspersed with fireballs and the occasional Mushroom, which will heal Mario upon contact. Mario can avoid damage by jumping over or moving between the fireballs. Getting hit by these fireballs not only causes Mario to take damage, but also causes him to drop some coins. Antasma may taunt Mario to get him to pursue him into the background, where Antasma will then let out streams of purple gas to obscure a vertical line of Mario's view and make it more difficult to spot and jump over or avoid the approaching waves of invincible Mario clones running towards him from further on in the background. Getting hit by the invincible Marios or surviving long enough will end the attack.

Mario eventually manages to destroy his 'dreamy' counterpart, but ultimately the battle does not accomplish its intended purpose of retrieving Peach: Antasma uses his sonar beams to blow a hole in the floor all the way to Dream's Deep and flees down said hole with Peach, closing it soon after. The hole's closure would mark the last time the Bros. would see Peach until they arrived at Dream's Deep through Dreamy Mushrise Park.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ユメマリオ 
Yume Mario
Dream Mario
Dutch Droom-Mario Dream Mario
French Onimario From onirique (oneiric) and Mario
German Traum-Mario Dream Mario
Italian Onirimario Dreamy Mario
Korean 꿈속마리오
Dream Mario
Russian Марио-баюн
From Bayushki bayu (an expression to lull a baby to sleep in Russian) and Mario
Spanish (NOA) Mario Onírico Dream Mario
Spanish (NOE) Mario Soñador Dreamy Mario