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Character artwork from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Artwork of Bedsmith
Species Pi'illo
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)
Antasma! Show yourself, you miserable villain! My chisel of justice and hammer of anger await!”
Bedsmith, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Bedsmith is a Pi'illo who appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, named after his craftsmanship for beds. With the required Zee Parts, he builds the Ultibed for Mario and Luigi so they can meet the Zeekeeper in Dreamy Somnom Woods. Bedsmith also shows strong feelings towards napping on Prince Dreambert and periodically refers to himself in the third-person.


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team[edit]

During the events of the game, Mario travels to Dream's Deep via Dreamy Pi'illo Castle in order to find out how to meet the Zeekeeper. After learning that the Ultibed has to be built to reach the Zeekeeper, Mario and Luigi set out to find the five Zee Parts needed to build it. Once the five Zee Parts have been found, Mario and Luigi head to Wakeport where Bedsmith is. Eventually, they discover that Bedsmith has been petrified and his pillow in the hands of Pi'illoper. Once Luigi sleeps on Bedsmith's pillow, Mario and Dreamy Luigi enter Dreamy Wakeport once again to free Bedsmith from his Nightmare Chunk, the Bros.' nearing of this causing them both to be identified as intruders by Earthwake. Subsequently to Earthwake's defeat, the Nightmare Chunk is destroyed and they return to the Real World. Bedsmith agrees to build the Ultibed, but can only do so at his workshop in Somnom Woods.

At his workshop in Somnom Woods, Bedsmith crafts the Ultibed for Mario and Luigi and informs them them that they must go deep into the woods to reach the Pi'illo Temple, where they must place the bed and sleep if they wish to find the Zeekeeper. Bedsmith periodically appears in Dreamy Somnom Woods during Mario and Luigi's climb up the tree to make various comments, initially informing them that the Zeekeeper is at the top of the tree and that the entire area is a large labyrinth.

Bedsmith is also seen at the end of the game as part of the final group photo if the player manages to clear the game on Hard Mode.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マクダス
Pun on「枕」(makura, pillow) and possibly "mach das" (German phrase meaning "make this")
French (NOA) Cétoutunlit Pun on "C'est tout un lit" (French phrase meaning "That's a bed")
French (NOE) Liroy From lit (bed) and the name "Roy"
Italian Faberletto From "fabbro" or the latin "făbĕr", which both mean "smith", and "letto" (bed)
Korean 마크다스
From his Japanese name
Portuguese Camito From cama (bed) and the diminutive suffix -ito
Russian Кроваткин
From кроватка (krovatka, bed) and suffix -ин ("-in")
Spanish (NOA) Camaestro Pun on cama (bed) and maestro (master)
Spanish (NOE) Camólogo From cama (bed) and ólogo (Spanish for a medicine study; English: "ologist")


  • Bedsmith is quite different from the other Pi'illos, such as keeping his body in the dream world when slept on (he shares this trait with Eldream), having his pillow-shaped hat upwards instead of sideways, and he also doesn't float like the normal Pi'illos do.
  • According to Prince Dreambert, there are other Bedsmith Pi'illos, and Bedsmith is the best of them.
  • In the game's code, six voice files for Bedsmith can be found, five of which are unused. The unused clips are titled "STRVOICE_MK_AHAN.rsd", "STRVOICE_MK_HA.rsd", "STRVOICE_MK_HUN.rsd", "STRVOICE_MK_KYAHA.rsd", and "STRVOICE_MK_YA.rsd".[1]


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