Plush Zeekeeper

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Plush Zeekeeper
"A plush toy of the island's mascot, the great Zeekeeper."

First appearance

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)

The Plush Zeekeeper is an item found exclusively in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, and the first item collected during a series of item trades pertaining to a sidequest in Wakeport. It is an ostensibly designed plush of the Zeekeeper. Mario and Luigi are given this item from Hoolo, who is in the shopping district in central-east Wakeport trying to win over Hoola, his love interest; he also gives them an Attack Piece along with it.

Mario and Luigi must then head to the nearby item shop to give this item to a blue Shelltop near the counter, who will thank them and give them a Rare Fruit in exchange.