Secret Box

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Icon for the Secret Box in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

A Secret Box is an item in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is a purple box with a white ? on its cover. When used, it inflicts a random badge effect on Mario, Luigi, enemies, or everyone in the battlefield. It acts much like a Mystery Box from the Paper Mario series. The effect of Secret Box is absolutely unpredictable. It can do things from healing Mario and/or Luigi, causing damage on enemies, giving all on the battlefield a random status effect, or even KO all or some fighters in the battlefield at once.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOE) Boîte secrète Secret box
German Geheim-Karton Secret Box
Italian Scatola Segreta Secret Box
Portuguese Caixa secreta Secret box
Russian Коробка с сюрпризом
Korobka s syurprizom
Surprise box
Spanish (NOA) Caja de secretos Box of secrets
Spanish (NOE) Caja misteriosa Mysterious box