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Various Shelltops from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Various Shelltops
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)
Notable members

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Shelltops are inhabitants of Pi'illo Island. They live mainly in Wakeport. They resemble Toads but instead have a giant shell on their heads. Many appear in Dozing Sands, where they are dark green instead of light blue, and have a miner's light on their heads. They work for Britta and serve as the people at the information centers in Wakeport and Pi'illo Island. In Wakeport, some of them work at the hotel. They appear in orange colors with brooms. A brown one with a mustache runs the Mole Hunt game on Driftwood Shore.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シェル族
Shell Tribe

French (NOE) Coquignon
From "coquillage" (seashell) and "champignon" (mushroom)
German Muschlon
From "muschel" (mussel/clam shell) with "-lon"
Italian Conchiglino
From "conchiglia" (shell) with the diminutive suffix "-ino"
Korean 쉘족
Swel Jok
Shell Tribe

Portuguese Conchito
From "concha" (seashell) with the diminutive suffix "-ito"
Russian Ракушанин
From "ракушка" (rakushka, shell)

Spanish (NOE) Caracola
Tribu caracola
Conch Ones
Conch tribe