Rose Broquet

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Rose Broquet is a large shop in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team owned by Broque Madame and located in Driftwood Shore. There are two shops in the first area, Mario and Luigi can shop at the silver side at any time, while they can only shop in the gold side after they reach Rainbow Rank. At the far end is Broque Madame herself, and upon talking to her gives access to the Luiginary Attack challenge mode.

The first time Mario and Luigi come here is to meet up with Princess Peach hoping to hide her from Bowser. After it is revealed that Kamek was disguised as Peach, Broque Madame informs them that Dr. Snoozemore has returned to the island. Later, Mario and Luigi return here while searching for the Driftwood Jellyfish Sheets, when Broque Madame gives the brothers a lithograph needed to access the cave where the sheets are located.