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Artwork of the Luiginary Ball

Luiginary Attacks are special moves that are utilized by Mario during battles in the Dream World in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Upon selecting a Luiginary Attack, Mario will summon several Luiginoids to help execute the attack, and doing so will fill up Luigi's side of the badge meter. There are six Luiginary Attacks in the game, and like the Bros. Attacks in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and the Real World of this game, each Luiginary Attack is unlocked by collecting ten Attack Pieces in their respective areas.

List of Luiginary Attacks[edit]

Luiginary Attack Description Effects BP Type Location
Luiginary Ball as it appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Luiginary Ball*
Tilt the Nintendo 3DS to move the ball. Grab Luiginoids to make the ball bigger! Line it up, and kick it with the A Button! A bigger ball means more damage! Tilt the 3DS to control the small ball of Luiginoids. Use the ball to collect more Luigis for more damage, then kick the ball with A Button. 6 Boots Dreamy Mushrise Park (Eldream's Pillow)
Luiginary Stack as it appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Luiginary Stack
Jump with the B Button and stack up Luiginoids as straight as possible! While jumping, adjust the landing zone with left/right on the circle pad! Press the B Button as the stack lands. Use the A Button at the end for Mario. Perform well-timed jumps to make a large, stable stack of Luiginoids. If they are unbalanced, they may fall or inflict less damage. 10 Boots Dreamy Dozing Sands (Dreampoint)
Luiginary Hammer as it appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Luiginary Hammer
Press the B Button repeatedly to form the Luiginoids into a giant hammer! It will tilt, so use left/right on the Circle Pad to help Mario keep it balanced. As Mario runs, aim with up/down on the Circle Pad and swing with the A Button. Mash the B Button Button to make Luiginoids jump onto Mario's hammer to form a Luiginary Hammer. Use the Circle Pad to balance the unsteady hammer, otherwise Mario will tumble and the Luiginoids will also fall and disperse. 10 Hammer Dreamy Mount Pajamaja (Dreampoint)
Luiginary Flame as it appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Luiginary Flame
The fire will bounce at a steady pace. Press the B Button to make it bigger! Mario will cover the spots where the Luiginoids aren't. Use the A Button here. Press the A Button once to make Mario hammer the flame at the foes! Press B Button just as a fireball lands on a group of Luiginoids or A Button as it lands on Mario to bounce the fireball to the next group. If successful, Mario will volley the fireball with his hammer into the group of enemies. 14 Fire Dreamy Driftwood Shore (Large Dreampoint)
Luiginary Wall as it appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Luiginary Wall
Use left/right on the Circle Pad to move and the A Button to hit Dreamy Luigi! Hit Dreamy Luigi where the foes are gathering to deliver more damage! Depending on Mario's position when you swing, Dreamy Luigi's angle will change. Mario will hit Luigi forward, spinning him and charging through all enemies like a game of Breakout. Players will need to avoid focusing on the same spots of the Luiginoid Wall, otherwise the wall will break and the attack will be more likely to fail. 14 Hammer Dreamy Wakeport (Bedsmith's Pillow)
Luiginary Typhoon as it appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Luiginary Typhoon
Wind up the Luiginoid rope, and yank it with the A Button for a typhoon. You can move the typhoon with the Circle Pad to swallow up your foes. Rapidly press the B Button to deal more damage with the Luiginoids' spin! Hold B Button to pull a string of Luiginoids to make a large Luiginary typhoon. The more time players leave before letting go of B Button, the longer the typhoon will last for. Failure at that point will result in little damage. Pressing B Button while the Luiginary Typhoon has enemies inside it will make the Luiginoids hit them with their hammers for more damage. 16 Hammer Dreamy Somnom Woods (Dreampoint)

* - Mandatory Luiginary Attack.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミラクルアタック
Mirakuru Atakku
Miracle Attack