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Not to be confused with Torkdrift.
Dream Team enemy
Torkscrew sprite from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Location(s) Dozing Sands
Level 13
HP 656
Power 101
Defense 97
Speed 34
Weakness None
Experience 500 (600)
Coins 250 (100%)
Item drop None (0%)
Coin Boots (100%)
No Hitter
World Real

Torkscrew is a screw-like boss from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. While searching for the Deco Pi'illos, Torkscrew eats one of them, leading Mario and Luigi to chase it with the Drilldigger. After hitting Torkscrew with the drills five times, it spits out the Pi'illo. Later, it swallows Britta while she is searching for treasure, at which point Mario and Luigi battle it.


Torkscrew can attack by digging into the ground, shooting out of the sand and while in mid-air, spinning to a point above either Mario or Luigi, where it will then drop down on the Bro. it spun towards head-first. If they successfully hammer it away, it will land on its backside and be vulnerable to jump attacks and take more damage from attacks in general. The attack resembles the Splash Bros. move used by Mario and Luigi in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

It may also dive underground to have his drill pop out of the sand and slowly submerge again as it approaches a Bro. The Bro. it approaches must then jump once Torkscrew entirely disappears to avoid it when it abruptly pops out of the sand. If Mario and Luigi dodge successfully, they will avoid getting stuck on Torkscrew's drill top. If a Bro. gets stuck, Torkscrew will initiate a chase sequence as the stuck Bro. loses coins. The other Bro. must chase Torkscrew and attempt to collect these fallen coins while avoiding the mines it drops until the Bro. falls off.

Torkscrew may also chase Mario into the background in an attempt to attack him through charging attacks while half-submerged. While doing so, Luigi is attacked by the various enemies who inhabit Dozing Sands. The Bros. must avoid these attacks by jumping over or on to their respective attackers. This attack can still occur even with Luigi knocked out, as there is just a lack of action in the foreground. Much later in the game Torkscrew X can be fought in the Battle Ring.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ツノゴン
From「角」(tsuno, horn) and possibly "dragon"
French (NOE) Cornevisse From "corne" (horn) and "tournevisse" (screwdriver)
German Grimmdorn From "grimmig" (adjective word for "grim") and "dorn" (thorn)
Italian Cornogon From "corno" (horn) and possibly the Japanese name
Korean 뿔더지
Portmanteau of "뿔" (ppul, horn) and "두더지" (dudeoji, mole); also likely a play on "불도저" (buldojeo, bulldozer)
Portuguese Parachifre From "parafuso" (screw) and "chifre" (horn)
Russian Винторог
From "винт" (vint, screw) and "рог" (rog, horn)
Spanish (NOA) Cuernillo From "cuerno" (horn) and diminutive suffix "-illo"
Spanish (NOE) Taladrón From "taladro" (drill) and augmentative suffix "-ón"