Zeekeeper's Feathers

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Zeekeeper's Feathers
"Fluffy, near-weightless feathers used as stuffing for the Dozing Mattress."
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)

The Zeekeeper's Feathers is an item that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, and one of the five Ultibed parts. It is a collection of feathers straight from the Zeekeeper found in Pi'illo Castle, and is said to act as a soporific for anyone who is brushed by the feathers. Mario and Luigi find it in the Battle Ring while they are searching the castle for the item. Before they can retrieve it, the Bros. must defeat Grobot X in battle. Once the Bros. are victorious, Mario can collect the feathers.

Ultibed Manual text[edit]

First Hint[edit]

  • "The Battle Ring, which is somewhere in Pi'illo Castle, boasts some really rare items!"

Second Hint[edit]

  • "It seems like you can claim the Zeekeeper's Feathers by besting Grobot X in the Battle Ring."


  • "You got the feathers after beating the powerful Grobot X! Who wouldn't want to get tickled by these feathers?"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOA) Plumes de Morphibou Zeekeeper's Feathers
Italian Piume di Piumadormo Zeekeeper's feathers
Portuguese Penas do Dodorminhoco Zeekeeper's feathers
Spanish (NOA) Plumas de Zeerbero Zeekeeper's Feathers
Spanish (NOE) Plumas de Avisomnus Zeekeeper's Feathers