Walker Guy

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Dream Team enemy
Walker Guy
Walker Guy, from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Location(s) Neo Bowser Castle
Role Common
Position Normal
Level 34
HP 136
Power 250
Defense 206
Speed 104
Weakness None
Experience 330 (396)
Coins 20 (100%)
Item drop Max Mushroom (4%)
None (0%)
No Hitter 54
World Real

Walker Guys are light blue Shy Guys with bright red shoes that are enemies fought in Neo Bowser Castle in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. In the field, they get dragged by their respective Chain Chomps towards Mario and Luigi when spotted. At the start of battle, they always appear with a Chain Chomp. If defeated, the Walker Guy will attempt to bring another into battle by running into the background and looking for one (and on occasion, failing), and thus the Walker Guy should be defeated first. They are even stronger than the Shy Guys R.

Chain Chomps may look at a Bro., and start to swing its chain with the Walker Guy holding on, where the Walker Guy will get flung off towards the same Bro. However, if the Chain Chomp swings the Walker Guy with its eyes closed, then the Walker Guy will be flung towards the opposite Bro., but the Chain Chomp will lunge at the Bro. who was looked at before starting the attack. The Bro. the Walker Guy was flung towards must hammer them to the ground before them to avoid taking damage. The Chain Chomp will then charge at a Bro., who must be stopped by having the targeted Bro. hammer it. If the Walker Guy is countered and the Chain Chomp attacks the same Bro., the Walker Guy will end up get mowed over and take damage.

A Chain Chomp may also drag its Walker Guy through the Bros., who must jump over or on either the Walker Guy or the Chain Chomp to avoid them. The Walker Guy takes more damage the longer it gets dragged about, and may attempt to pull the Chain Chomp back just before it hits a Bro., which may throw off the Bros.' timing. After either a Bro. gets hit by this attack, or the attack fails to hit a Bro. for long enough, it ends.

There are similar enemies in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam who appear in the respective Neo Bowser Castle. However, they are just normal Shy Guys and carry around two Chain Chomps.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おさんぽヘイホー
O-sanpo Heihō
Walk Shy Guy

French (NOA) Maskache Promeneur
Shy Guy Walker
French (NOE) Maskass rôdeur
Wandering Shy Guy
German Wander Guy
Walk Guy
Italian Tipo a spasso
Walking Guy
Portuguese Masquito viajante
Travelling Shy Guy
Russian Гуляка
Diminutive of "гулять" (gulyat, to walk)

Spanish (NOA) Shy Guy Caminante
Walker Shy Guy
Spanish (NOE) Merodeaguy
From "merodear" (to wander about) and "Shy Guy"