Lob-omb R

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Dream Team enemy
Lob-omb R
A Lob-omb R in Dreamy Mount Pajamaja.
Location(s) Dreamy Mount Pajamaja
(Summit Dreampoint)
Role Common
Position Normal
Level 19
HP 105
Power 134
Defense 112
Speed 67
Weakness None
Experience 30 (36)
Coins 25 (100%)
Item drop Ultrasyrup Jar (5%)
None (0%)
No Hitter 25
World Dream

Lob-ombs R are turquoise cube-shaped robotic Bob-ombs that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They are the stronger version of Lob-ombs, having greater stats and faster attacks. Lob-ombs R have red eyes and wheels for feet, and uncommon for Dream World enemies, they do not appear on the field, making Mario and Dreamy Luigi have to enter a battle with a Chizzle in order for them to fight one. Like Lob-ombs, Lob-omb's R name comes from their bomb lobbing trait.

In battle, a Lob-omb R may attack by moving in front of Mario a fair distance away, and lobbing a bomb at him. Mario must face the bomb and hammer it away in order to avoid taking damage, in the case of the bomb getting knocked forward, it will usually explode near some enemies, damaging them in the process. If the Lob-omb R jumps then lobs, the bomb will end up behind Mario. If the Lob-omb R lobs the bomb with its right arm, the bomb will end up by Mario's right, in the foreground. If the Lob-omb R lobs the bomb with its left arm, the bomb will end up by Mario's left, in the background. If the Lob-omb R lobs the bomb with both arms, the bomb will end up in front of Mario.

A Lob-omb R may also take out three bombs, the real bomb having an explosion mark on it and getting itself turned around in an attempt to prevent the player from knowing which one was real. The Lob-omb R will juggle them either clockwise or counter-clockwise before throwing them one after the other at Mario. The real bomb's identity will later be hinted as that would be the one that flies straight towards Mario. Mario must hammer the real bomb as it's about to hit him to knock it back at the Lob-omb R and avoid taking damage (and being made dizzy).

If a Lob-omb R is defeated, it starts to spark. At the end of the turn, the Lob-omb R explodes, dealing any nearby enemies at a blast radius of in normal mode, around 20 to 52 damage to any nearby Chizzles, and either 33, 43, or 46 damage to other Lob-ombs R depending on their battle position.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボムポイR
Bomupoi Āru
Lob-omb R

French Rob-omb R
Lob-omb R
German Wurf-omb R
Lob-omb R
Italian Bombot R
Lob-omb R
Portuguese Rob-bomba R
Lob-omb R
Russian Робомбист*

Spanish (NOA) Rob-omba R
Lob-omb R