Dreamcap Captain

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Dream Team Enemy
Dreamcap Captain
Location(s) Dreamy Mushrise Park
Level 7
HP 26
Power 40
Defense 40
Speed 35
Weakness Fire
Experience 6 (7)
Coins 7 (100%)
Item Drop Syrup Jar (10%)
Super Mushroom (2%)
No Hitter 8
World Dream

Dreamcap Captains are purple, supposedly layered Capnap-like creatures that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. In the field, Dreamcap Captains wander around aimlessly if undisturbed, and charge at Mario and Dreamy Luigi upon sight.

In battle, Dreamcap Captains and Dreamcaps fight in together in hordes of around 18 to 36. If all the Dreamcap Captains are defeated and any Dreamcaps remain, the Dreamcaps will huddle together and one will run away with each turn. If all the Dreamcaps are defeated and any Dreamcap Captains remain, they will summon several more Dreamcaps to then be able to attack. The group may also charge towards Mario as a pack, whom Mario must move out of the way or jump over in order to avoid the attack. They may attack from the background, charging towards Mario in rows, which Mario must jump over or on to in order to avoid the attack.

Stronger versions of Dreamcap Captains called Dreamcap Captains R appear later on in the game.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エリートユメミダケ
Spanish (NOA) Capitán Iluseta Capitán means captain, and Iluseta comes from ilusión (illusion) and seta (mushroom)
Spanish (NOE) Capitán Dormiñón Capitán means captain, and Dormiñón comes from dormilón (sleepyhead) and champiñón (mushroom)
French (NOE) Chef Onignon Dreamcap Leader
German Obertraumling Upper Dreamling
Italian Capitan Oniribapo From capitano (captain) and Oniribapo (Dreamcap)
Russian Шляпкохраповодец
From Шляпка (Cap), Храпеть (Snore) and Полководец (Captain)