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Dream Team enemy
Spritzbloom from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Location(s) Dreamy Somnom Woods
Role Common
Position Normal
Level 28
HP 200
Power 228
Defense 208
Speed 57
Weakness Fire
Experience 160 (192)
Coins 60 (100%)
Item drop Refreshing Herb (5%)
Flame Hammer DX (3%)
No Hitter 50
World Dream

Spritzblooms are Piranha Plant-like enemies that can be found in Dreamy Somnom Woods in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They have a weakness to fire attacks.


Spritzblooms utilize poisons that can make Mario tiny or lower his POW. One of its attacks involves the Spritzbloom hopping twice to get in range of Mario's hammer, then hopping around erratically. If the player does not counter with the hammer, the process will repeat at a faster pace. If the player does not hit the Spritzbloom after a set amount of time, it unleashes a poison gust which damages Mario. If it is hit just as it is about to spit its poison, it will blow it away from Mario instead, damaging any other enemy in that general direction.

An alternative attack involves the Spritzbloom summoning a poison bubble which must be avoided or bounced back with a jump: how far and at which angle they bounce is determined by Mario's relative position and height when he hits them, and an accurate counter can make them explode on top of the enemies. After it summons a few more poison bubbles, the attack ends. These attacks can also make Mario tiny.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スプレーフラワー
Supurē Furawā
Spray Flower

French (NOA) Vaporifleur
From "vaporiser" (to spray) and "fleur" (flower)
French (NOE) Vaporiplante
From "vaporiser" (to spray) and "plante" (plant)
German Spritzblum
From the English name
Italian Fiorespray
From "fiore" (flower) and "bomboletta spray" (aerosol spray)
Portuguese (NOE) Vaporizaflor
From "vaporizador" (vaporizer) and "flor" (flower)
Russian Цветоплюй
From "цветок" (tsvetok, flower) and "плевать" (plevat, to spit)

Spanish (NOA) Asperflor
From "aspersor" (sprinkler) and "flor" (flower)
Spanish (NOE) Vaporizaflor
From "vaporizador (vaporizer) and "flor" (flower)