Dream Coin

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Dream Coin
The Dream Coin above Pi'illo Island.

The Dream Coin is a giant coin found at the end of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. When Prince Dreambert presents the Zeekeeper with the Dream Stone's fragments collected after defeating Dreamy Bowser, he hopes to get it repaired. The Zeekeeper does so, but creates the Dream Coin instead, explaining that the islanders should rely on each other rather than the power of an object, and that the coin can be used to buy one's wishes instead. Prince Dreambert is shocked to see that he has not actually restored the Dream Stone. However, Broque Monsieur says it would be a great attraction, a statement that Mario, Luigi, and Peach agree with. The Zeekeeper then shatters the Dream Coin by flying through it, causing thousands of coins to rain down onto the island.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Moneta onirica Dream coin