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This article is about the large coins worth 20 coins. For the large coins also known as Big Coins, see 10-Coin.
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A 20 Coin[1] originally known as Big Coins,[2] is an item rarely appearing in the Super Mario franchise. These coins have an imprint of a crown in their first appearance, Virtual Boy Wario Land. They return in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, now sporting a blue design with an imprint of the number "20" on them. They are uncommon and are mostly found in ? Blocks (usually hard-to-reach ones), and sometimes found in the very long chasms in Thwomp Caverns, along with gold coins. In both games, these items are worth twenty coins.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 20コイン[3]
20 Koin
20 Coin


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