Mole Burrower

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Mole Burrower
Sprite of a Mole Burrower, from Virtual Boy Wario Land
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)

Mole Burrowers are enemies from the game Virtual Boy Wario Land. They only appear in Stage 9, within below-ground areas accessible by Warp Pipes and doors. Mole Burrowers hide within holes of rocky walls. When Wario approaches, they quickly emerge from the wall while flailing their arms. The claws on their hands harm Wario. Once the Mole Burrower has ran a short distance away from its hole, it will suddenly pause, and then turn around and run back into its hole.

Mole Burrowers may easily be defeated by the flames of Sea Dragon and King Dragon Wario. Unlike many other enemies, Mole Burrowers are unable to be stunned by the earthquake Body Slam caused by Bull Wario. They may be Barged on their backs. Performing a regular jump on a Mole Burrower can cause their sunglasses to slip, revealing their eyes for a brief amount of time.