Awazon river basin

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Awazon river basin
Wario and his Bulldog airplane.
Ruler Demon Head
Inhabitants Blade-Face, Bomb-Bat, Chain-Saw Fish, Chippy, Coo-Coo, Dark Tortoise, Honey-Bee, Mask-Guy, Mastah Mosquito, Thorn-Ball, Vase, Vase-Based
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land

Awazon river basin[1] is the main location in Virtual Boy Wario Land, however, only a little of it is actually seen since the game mainly takes place underneath it. Wario finds himself underneath the Awazon river basin after stumbling upon a trap door after following three Mask-Guys taking treasure behind a waterfall.

Three Mask-Guys taking treasure behind the waterfall.

Virtual Boy Wario Land[edit]

Story from the instruction booklet

I, Wario, have an interesting story to tell. One day during my
vacation in the Awazon river basin, I landed my trusty seaplane,
Bulldog, and decide to relax in the shadow of the beautiful Aldegara
Waterfall. While basking in the sun, I spied some strange creatures
with masks entering the waterfall. This piqued my interest!

I hurried over and followed them into the waterfall. Behind the falls
there was a large cave, and in the back of the cave … there was a
vault filled with a glorious mountain of treasure!!

Some of the masked creatures jumped me, but I quickly overcame
them. "This treasure is all mine now!", I thought to myself and
rushed in to collect the loot. Suddenly, the floor collapsed and I fell!

I found myself deep within the Earth! I was quite angry and vowed
revenge on these creatures, "I will get their treasure!!!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アワゾン川流域[2]
Awazon gawa ryūiki


  • Its name refers to the Amazon River, but the M is flipped to a W similar to Wario's and Mario's names.


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